South Kaibab Trail

In 1992, I had made arrangements to walk from the South to the North rim over Memorial Day weekend.  During the winter, an avalanche destroyed part of the North Kaibab Trail and the planned hike was replaced by one in which my friend Len, his son Peter, and I walked down the South Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch, camped overnight, and returned to the South rim via Bright Angel Trail. In 2001, we were able to do the rim-to-rim trip on Memorial Day weekend. Len and I walked down the South Kaibab Trail, had a long lunch at Phantom Ranch (where the temperature was approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit), and continued up the North Kaibab Trail to Cottonwood where we spent the night. The following morning, we walked up to the North rim. All the photos posted here were taken in 2001; they are arranged in order going from the South rim to the Colorado River.