Greenstone Track

I walked this track in conjunction with the Caples Track and a small part of the Routeburn Track. I started at the Divide (on the Te Anau to Milford road), walked a short section of the Routeburn Track to Lake Howden, walked the Greenstone Track to the confluence of the Greenstone and Caples Rivers, and then walked the Caples Track back to its upper junction with the Greenstone Track. On the Greenstone Track, I stayed overnight at McKellar and Greenstone Huts. The first photo was taken from Howden Hut on the Routeburn Track; this is the upper end of the Greenstone Track.

1. Lake Howden
Lake Howden

The rest of the photographs were taken as I walked down the track

2. Lake McKellar
Lake McKellar

3. MccKellar Hut Swingbridge
Swingbridge at McKellar Hut - early morning

4. Greenstone Valley mid-morning
Greenstone Valley - morning mist

5. Greenstone Valley
Farther down Greenstone Valley

6. Steele Creek Swingbridge
Steele Creek Swingbridge

7. Greenstone River
Greenstone River (from bridge to Greenstone Hut)